One Way To Get A New Bike

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For years I pedaled a 94 steel hard tail. I love that bike. It climbs like a beast and carves turns like butter. A little over 2 years ago I found a Moots Smoothie full suspension ride for a screaming deal on E-bay. I got to ride it for a season and I was beginning to feel a real connection with the bike. Toward the end of the season I went for a ride then strapped it on the roof of my wifes car. We rarely carried the bikes that way and only remembered it was there when the bike met the garage and collapsed to the ground. The damage was completed when my wife, in her concern, put the car in reverse and drove over the bike. I have to admit to being a bit heart broken when I pulled the bike out from under the car.

Fortunately, for me, my dad had backed over his bike at one point, and he let me know that the bike was covered under my homeowners insurance. I carried the bike into my local bike shop, 2nd Ave. Sports. I love this shop. The folks are friendly and they will bend over backwards to help. They took my bike and helped me triage the functional parts from the parts that aren’t worth saving.

In the end the frame priced out to be more valuable than what I paid for it, there were some salvageable parts, and I was able to get a swanky new ride. I went with an Ellsworth Evolve, a 29er with 4 inches of travel. I had never ridden a 29er but I wanted to try something totally different from my 26 inch hard tail. I searched google, read comparisons and reviews, and weighed the options. The Ellsworth frame design compensated for the stretch and long wheel base associated with 29ers.

I first rode the bike in Moab. The first ride was on Slick Rock. The bike climbed well and carved turns. I only noticed the 29 inch wheels when I needed a couple more cranks to get over the crests of steep hills and didn’t always have the reserve to make it go. My second ride was on Porcupine Rim and my buddies and I rode that trail so fast I didn’t have time to be scared. It cleared jumps, bridged gaps, and ate up rock gardens. Since those rides I have ridden my local trails and only grown more fond of it. Who knew how well having my bike run over would work out.


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