A Tale of Two Rides

Posted by on Aug 4, 2011 in Bikes, Daily Blog | Comments Off

I find that I often get my greatest ideas when I am out riding. Something about the physical exertion that stimulates my brain. I can turn out more ideas than I know what to do with. Trouble is I have to remember them so that I can explore them further. As a result, when I am maximizing brain time on a ride, my rides are not usually my best. Thus, the Tale of Two Rides. One ride is a ride of thoughts, the other a ride of focused physical action.

When I am riding well I am focused on riding. I am not thinking. I am prepared for quick reactions and transitions. I can do bigger drops, carve harder turns, and pick the stellar lines. I can carry more speed, and propel through rougher rock gardens. I am able to react better and see more clearly because I am focused on the bike and the trail. I do not think about what I can hit or where I will wipe out. At the end of those rides I am thrilled, adrenaline pumping, reliving stellar moments that barely registered during the ride. During the ride the moments happen, and they register, but they blend into the fun immediately before and prepping for the next reaction needed. The parking lot moments are full of high fives and yahoos.

On the rides of thought I am generating ideas. I am usually riding poorly. The other day I went for a ride on a trail that I love, but had a terrible ride. I clipped pedals on rocks I know are in the trail. I missed pedal strokes needed to get through technical sections and chickened out of drops I had done dozens of times in the past. Thing of it was that I generated at least 5 post ideas and a catchy new slogan. I spent half my time repeating the ideas in my head so that I could remember them later. I suppose I could have recorded the ideas onto my phone, but A) I don’t carry my phone when I ride (nothing I hate more than a phone ringing on a ride) and B) than I would have to stop the ride to record the ideas. On the other hand a cell phone is a nice safety tool and if I stopped to record the ideas maybe I could have stopped thinking and started riding. Who knows? SO, though they are productive, the rides don’t carry the same thrills and yahoo moments. They involve remembering and repeating and moments where I knew I missed a line.

In the end, no ride is a bad ride. Turning wheels only feels good. There is nothing like getting cranked!