Two Broken Ribs

Posted by on May 6, 2011 in Daily Blog | Comments Off

40 years and not a single broken bone, then crack – two in one day!  My parents tell me that I shouldn’t be fighting, my wife tells me I should do some other form of exercise, my mind tells me otherwise.  To me, one man competing against another is the purest form of competition.  Competition as the most demanding of tests, one-on-one.   You can be running, biking, playing lacrosse or fighting, it doesn’t matter the format, it’s still seeing where you stack up – hopefully on top.

Now my body is speaking loudly that I should be participating in life sports such as tennis or swimming.  Every day spent on the mat is accompanied by pain.  Every ride on the single track leaves soreness in places soreness was never felt before.  I’ve felt pain training for competitive sports 20 years ago, but that’s a good pain.  A pain you can’t complain about.  A pain showing that you’re getting stronger.  This new pain has no purpose.  (did I hear you say that it’s the bodies way of telling us to slow down?)

It has nothing to do with pride, the mind just ages slower than the body.  Why would my body give out now?  I’m still as strong as I’ve always been!  I’m still invincible!  These kids have nothing on me!  Craaaack!

Even after two broken ribs and a daily recognition of painful bones, joints and muscles, my mind won’t believe that I’m aging.  When is it time to slow down or stop?  Not yet, carry on!

As a side note, people ask me how I fixed the ribs.  There’s not much you can do for a cracked rib.  Just suffer for 6 weeks, and it will heal itself.  For the separated rib, I used a product called Rock Tape to keep the area protected and kept from moving as much as possible.  The alternative would be to wrap your rib cage in a tight fitting wrap of bandages.  I didn’t feel like resembling a mummy, hence using small tight strips of the tape.