The First Ride of the Season

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The weekend was working to a close and it looked as if it would pass by without the bike hitting the trails for yet another week. The family had recuperated from the plague and errands had been run, but play had been set aside. At 3:00pm the text came. “Ride around dinner?”. After a short discussion with my wife I sent the response, “Sure” (Thanks babe).

I picked my buddy up at quarter till 6:00 and we headed toward one the great local rides. It’s an intimidating first ride for the year. 9 miles, 5 up, 4 down. Plus, my buddy is a strong rider and often leaves me in the dust. Fortunately for me he only had 2 other rides under his belt for the year.

We launched out of the parking lot, rode for a bit, messed with the pressure in the rear suspension of the bikes, and then cranked to the top of the hill. Man, that felt like work. My buddy kept a mellow pace and I only popped off the bike once in a technical push. At the top, between gasps, I said “Sure could of used another gear.” Later I looked down and realized I had been in the middle chain ring the whole ride. Apparently I had had several other gears in reserve.

The ride down was great. My buddy rips and I did my best to keep up, though more often than not I would come around and a bend and he would be standing and waiting for me. It was a bit remeniscent of my early riding days when I rode with an ex-bmxer. At one point I asked that bmxer why his breaks didn’t squeal like mine. His response “because I don’t use them”. On this ride, my hands and forearms were exhausted from midway back to the car. I was sore and tired but totally psyched. I finally got in the first ride of the year and did it all in my lower gears. Let the biking season start.

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