Snunderstorm!? Snowderstorm?

Posted by on May 19, 2011 in Daily Blog, Random | Comments Off

Weather can be unpredictable in Colorado, no doubt about it, and this spring is no exception. So I am not entirely surprised that I woke up to snow on May 18th. It kept coming and on the 19th the storm built to include thunder. The snow and thunder reminded me of my early days guiding out west. I grew up out east in NY and had experienced more than my fair share of thunderstorms. It was during my first trip to Colorado that I experienced my first, well I don’t know what to call it, Snunderstrom? I had been river guiding in Texas (yes, there are rivers to run in Texas!) and met one of my long-time friends. As it turned out he owns a river company in Colorado and invited me to help him run in it in the early season. Texas starts getting too hot for me in April, so my then girlfriend and I rolled north. The main stretch of water run by my friends company is the San Juan and in order to guide the river I needed to be comfortable with the stretch of water. Another friend had followed me to CO on his way to guide in Alaska and so the two of us launched a boat. Mid-way down river the thunder rolled in. What I didn’t expect was snow. At times the snowfall was so thick we couldn’t see to read the water ahead of us. The current carried us on. By the time we reached the take out there was 2 inches of snow on the tubes of the boat and the air pressure had dropped in the tubes so that we were floating in a partially collapsed inner tube. We were cold and wet but we had laughed the entire time.

In days past, with a foot and a half of snow falling in the mountains I would have jumped all over the opportunity to grab a late ski day in the back country. Kids and work have changed all that. Now I check plants and landscaping to see how the storm will effect my pet projects. I look to see if water is seeping into the basement. Though the activities change, they bring back some really fun memories.

Photo Credit: Buzz