Rx – Cup O’ Joe

Posted by on May 18, 2011 in Daily Blog, Random | Comments Off

I love my morning coffee. I like it dark and thick and strong enough to make my taste buds cringe. Every now and then friends tell me they are quitting coffee or cutting back. My first response is always “Why?”. They state health reasons or jittery feelings and occasionally come away questioning my commitment to the “Burnt Bean Soup”. But the truth is I quit my other vices years ago and I am convinced that there is a lot worst that I could imbibe. So I remain a loyal coffee drinker, and I love it when reports like these come out. Check it out. Not only am I waking up and getting amped, I am fighting cancer! Coffee has also been shown to fight diabetes and, for the ladies, breast cancer. Check you all later. I have got to get my coffee on.