ROADTRIP! . . . canceled

Posted by on May 23, 2011 in Daily Blog, Random | Comments Off

One time, when I was on a break from college, a buddy and I decided to go on a road trip. It was late in the afternoon, and instead of heading home we pointed the car west and started to drive. At about 10:00 it was dark and we were on a rural strip of road in Pennsylvania. We slept in a pull off on the side of the road. the next morning we got back in the car, turned around, and went home. All in all, an incredibly uneventful, if not slightly lame trip, BUT we did it. We didn’t talk about it, except for to decide to go, and we didn’t think a whole lot about it (clearly), aside from which compass direction to travel.

This past weekend the family had plans to hit the road and hang with the Grind Crew. We had it on the books for over a week. As the day to leave approached we started to think about what we were doing. Two little kids who had been sick for the past 2 weekends, a 7 hour drive, the price of gas . . . was this the right time to hit the road? We ended up in the indecision quagmire. To go or not to go? The Grind Crew and the Buzz Crew together make for some good times. The kids are the same ages and they play like siblings. Lots of coffee would be consumed, ideas spun, and laughs had. But are we to far behind on house stuff, cleaning, yard work? My family is coming in next weekend, are we ready? We waffled, postponed one day for a childs graduation (really! from pre-school?) and the debate continued. Finally, a decision had to be made.

In the end the call was made. We would not be making this trip. It was for the best, but it made me think of the days when I made long, random, trips for nothing, and now, with an opportunity to visit good friends, how much thought we put into a road trip. We do math, calculate money, figure vacation time. Once upon a time it was about good times and new experiences. I miss those days.