New Changes

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Since my change in stature from managing campaigns and projects to chauffering children and answering non-stop demands I have had weeks where I feel that the skies the limit and weeks where I feel like my road was cut short and it pisses me off. I love my children and I do think that I have been given an amazing opportunity to spend time with them. At the same time  I feel worried about my career, keeping up with my skills and knowledge, and am tired of reading books that only have one word per page.

We are fortunate. My wife can work and cover our expenses. We are keeping up with our bills. Many are not in position to say that. The job searching I do is for me. It is for my need to participate and be involved in the local community and contribute financially to my family. I know my time at home offers the kids a strong foundation and I should feel nothing but satisfied.

Where I struggle is in that I have volunteered in my community for 10 years, working to address water issues and, I think, helping the community secure a healthy future. At times I feel that my time, energy, and contributions have been forgotten. I feel the frustration of not being able to get work.

My cohorts in adrenaline feel like I have an opportunity to play hard, and while I enjoy the play I also miss the work.
Motivation wanes some weeks. I don’t get as much done around the house as I feel I should. I spend time applying for jobs. I have been developing a lot of ideas but my time to chase them can be unpredictable.

This blog helps. I get to vent and think. I make efforts to stay upbeat. Fortunately, I have a beautiful, understanding wife and two gorgeous children. I get to build a bond with my children many don’t get to develop. I need to keep plugging away, explore and develop new skills, and take the opportunity to explore advancing hobbies and interests into a paying gig.

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