I Totally Get Shrek

Posted by on May 6, 2011 in Daily Blog | Comments Off

In Shrek 4: The Final Chapter, Shrek asks Rumple Stiltskin for one day of his old ogre ways. As a newish father and someone who played hard for many years, I totally get that desire. In the absence of magic, we look for moments where we catch glimmers of our hold hard core ways. I, and a lot of my friends (including Ol’ Grind) spent our younger years playing hard for days on end. I would get up before dawn, ease the loaded car out of the driveway, and return exhausted from a solid day of biking, boating, climbing, skiing, caving, anything we wanted from a menu of outdoor activities. That desire to play almost ended my relationship. At the time my then girlfriend (now wife) and I lived in up-state NY and when it rained I went boating, and it rains a lot in NY. I would take off in the early am and go paddling down any river or creek that caught my interest. Finally I was told I needed to readjust my priorities to include her. Fortunately for me that meant increasing my climbing and skiing days. Now, as a father I try to recapture glimmers of those days from an hour here and an hour there. I squeeze something in after work or a little more time on the weekend. Solid 10 hour days are gone. I often compare my current capabilities to my skills of yesteryear and occasionally catch a glimpse of my old proficiencies in a moment of time. Shrek only asked for 1 day of ogreing ways. I might have put in for somewhere closer to a month. Yup, I would miss the family, and I would be happy to get back to the madness that comes with the family way of life, but it sure would be fun.