I Can’t See Clearly Now

Posted by on May 14, 2011 in Daily Blog, Random | Comments Off

Growing up out east I never really understood the need for decent sunglasses. I never paid more than $20 for a pair of “shades”. I bought them at gas stations and shops on the board walk. They were the kind of sunglasses that you find with a large white sticker with large letters saying “100% UV protection”, and in very, very small print around the outside “is recommended by the US Government”. When I moved out west and started raft guiding I figured out that a good pair of glasses is key. I started dropping actual money on sunglasses. Smiths were my glasses of choice, mostly because I had the pro deal. They fit my face and came in cool colors.┬áBecause I was paying real money for my sunglasses I began to take care of them. No more losing them or putting them casually in a pocket. No more placing them in the glove compartment.

With a young family, taking care of sunglasses has gotten harder. Not only do I have to be aware of my own bad habits, I have to watch out for the kids using them as toys. One pair of shades was scratched beyond use after a newly toothed 1 year old tried to use them as a chew toy. After a recent river trip I was bummed because I thought I had misplaced my shades. I spent days looking for them. I was wearing an older pair of shades that I kept around for backup. During a delayed clean up from the trip my wife opened a dry box that hadn’t even gone on the trip. In that box were some random twist ties, a roll of duct tape, my shades, and some rocks. The rocks left a couple of good digs in the lens of my shades. I wasn’t surprised, and I wasn’t pissed, I just sighhhed and thought “well, it’s a good excuse for a new pair of sun glasses.”