Compounding Non-Injuries

Posted by on Oct 11, 2011 in Daily Blog, Random | Comments Off

With much fan-fare hockey started last week. Here comes season 2! I knew that I was going to be a little slow out of the gate but I thought I was better prepared than I was for season 1. Low and behold . . .

So, 2 weeks in to last season I pulled a groin muscle. I took a couple of weeks off but, ultimately was able to play out the rest of the season. At least until I broke my ribs. All I had to do was ice my groin after every skating session. I was determined to avoid the groin pull this year. I started hard, playing 2 nights in a row, but I stretched before hand and I thought I was in decent shape.

In the end I survived those first 2 nights, no icing required. I decided to take a break for a few days and let everything rest up  a bit. After three days it was soccer day. My daughter is in a league for the pre-schoolers. This is a low impact/ activity day. I spend the afternoon cheering on my daughter and trying to keep myself entertained. Standing on the side lines I was usually play with my son and try to remember old juggling tricks. I pick my boy up and do a little chill juggling with him in my arms and that, THAT is when I pull my groin! So now I head into season 2 with same damn injury. Aaaaarrrrrrghhhh!

Photo: JPinVA