Change Taking Places

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About eight months ago I lost my job. The specific circumstances are not important. I was subject to poor decisions and poor management. What is important is what had to be done to make sure that my family remained healthy and thrived. I know that, in this time, this is not an unusual circumstance. Many people are struggling with lost jobs, surviving the aftermath. Times are not easy.

My family was incredibly fortunate. When I lost my job my wife was able to go back to work and secure an income in relatively short order. She is a nurse, a profession that remains in high demand. With my wife back at work I had to assume responsibilities at home. I took over watching the kids and shuttling them around town.

My wife was ready to go back to work. She had spent 4 years at home being a phenomenal mom. She taught, cared for, and entertained the kids with extreme patience and grace.

I have to admit to being afraid and concerned when I inherited her responsibilities. I was not sure that I could live up to the standards, had the patience, or the ability to fill my wife’s shoes.

Everyone informed me what an opportunity this was. To spend time with my kids at such an early age. These were fleeting moments, to be relished and appreciated. They are over before anyone can really register what they meant or offered.

In all honesty it took me a while to embrace my time with the kids. I had  not explicitly chosen to stay at home with the kids. I had  not chosen to leave my job. I enjoyed my time but missed the demands of professional life. The debates, phone calls, and decision making. I, at times, felt a bit like a man servant, answering requests over and over, reading elementary books, and never able to do anything of interest to me. It took a while, and I still miss the professional life, but it is true, these times with the kids are amazing.

I still look for work. Who can afford not to? But the idea of going back to work seems less interesting in many ways.

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