B . . . B . . . Back With the Classics

Posted by on May 9, 2011 in Daily Blog | Comments Off

When Grind and I were playing our hardest and trying to find our limits, one of our favorite bands was the Beastie Boys. I don’t think the fight was as hard as we made it out to be but we did work hard to PARTY! We even tried to start up our own Beastie Boy type band. We didn’t make it out of the living room to become a garage band, but we had dreams. Over the years Grind continued to jam on the guitar, though he nowadays he admits to listening to music with melodies as well as amplified chords. My tastes have devolved and I even took up playing the banjo (insert mocking laughter and a string of banjo jokes here).

The Beastie’s new video rocks. Not only cause the music and sound reflect back to our party days, but the video does pretty much we are trying to do with this blog. It shows what people highlight as glory days and crazy antics and the effort we put into to maintaining some sense keeping those antics in our, let’s say, more mature lives. We work to keep a little craziness in our lives, outside of family life and associated responsibility, even if that effort isn’t always pretty. It keeps us from getting too mature and taking ourselves too seriously. Fight for the Right friends!

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